Social responsibility

Imlek as socially responsible company

drustvena odgovornostCompany IMLEK, besides numerous innovations and investments in the field of research, production and technology also takes care and wishes to contribute to better and more qualitative modern life of the inhabitants of Serbia. Besides the market value it is also significantly dealing with the societal issues and improvement of collective consciousness and it systematically invests in socially-beneficial actions which include cooperation with big global humanitarian organization UNICEF.

It is interesting that cooperation of UNICEF and IMLEK dates already from 1957, when UNICEF has granted to IMLEK line for pasteurizing and bottling 30.000 liters of milk daily. At the beginning of 2007 UNICEF’s poster with the picture of a boy drinking IMLEK’s milk has been distributed to 60 countries on the occasion of promoting millennium goals and marking sixtieth anniversary of UNICEF-a. That was simultaneously an interesting stimulus for continuing non-commercial cooperation of IMLEK with UNICEF, and the data that over 54% of children in schools throughout Serbia are exposed to violence was enough to make Imlek join this action.

Last year, out of every sold chocolate milk with the mark „School Without Violence“ (in total 1 000 000 specimen of chocolate milk of 1 L and ½ L) two dinars have been donated to UNICEF for the initiated action „School Without Violence“.

IMLEK’s products “Moja kravica” (My little cow), “Viva”, “Jogood”, “Balans”, “Fit”, chocolate milk are popular, recognized by consumers as qualitative, healthy and delicious and in this way, through socially-responsible projects the company also shows a part of gratitude for trust given to it throughout the years.

Consistent with its tradition to initiate and to assist various humanitarian activities, IMLEK is mostly opting for activities which shall secure safe environment and healthier growing up of the youngest.

Besides commitment to schools without violence and individual scholarships for pupils and students, in the last 2 years, monthly delivery has been performed of 5000 packages (of products and presents) for all mothers in the delivery suits in Serbia.

Imlek is also regularly donating to the Center for Integration of Young People, so-called Hangout, and for years already it supports various refugee camps, then healthcare institutions and other institutions for social care, like institution for children with special needs. In the field of sports with the assistance of Imlek, various manifestations have been organized, like Milano Junior camp, Mini Maxi - children’s football league, sports day for treating breast cancer, etc. The contribution was not omitted even in the development of the Serbian film, by supporting production of films Klopka (Trap), Mi nismo anđeli (We are not angels) and Čarlston za Ognjenku (Charleston for Ognjenka).

Recently, a humanitarian tennis tournament has been organized, titled „Imlek trofej Beograda“ (Imlek Belgrade Trophy) within which celebrities with big heart competed in tennis and by purchasing drawings of children from Tiršova street enabled donation to the institution situated there. During 2008 the project of implementing children’s performances has also been initiated, of entertaining, educational and humanitarian character in the kindergartens throughout Serbia. With puppets and adequate actors’ team, Imlek has organized over 450 free performances for children.

Responsible operations mean production of safer, healthier and more qualitative products which are everyday delivered to the consumers, but also engagement in humanitarian character projects, including the education on parenting, which IMLEK supports by rendering assistance to UNICEF in the compilation of the manual for parenting “Smart Books for Moms and Dads“. Company Imlek has in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management initiated project „Dairy Snack“ intended to elementary school children, pertaining to free portion of dairy products for each school day. The Project is implemented from the beginning of the school year and covers lower school grades in twenty schools from the territory of the City of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš, in order to spread in the future to all schools in Serbia. Project’s main objective is to instill in children a habit of consuming dairy products which have a series of positive influences on health, in order to preventively influence health in the successive years.